Why Technology

I type this somewhat rebelliously, from the audience of a Meetup here in New York. The organizer breaks ice:

What kind of audience do we have here? What kind of technology do you do? What about…?

I raise my hand for web and mobile development, which is true. But does that satisfy the is_a? relationship governing me in this field? My heart says, politely, no”. That’s how I make a living, which is very fortunate and lovely.

As I skim the presentation carrying on, noting resources, I’m also skimming this very intriguing introduction to Rust and systems programming. Specifically, this catches my eye:

Learning is often referred to as a journey. You start off in ignorance and end in knowledge. In other words, learning’ is that part in the middle, the in-between state.

This is why technology. I’m a learner and a polisher. I love the stress of moving between not-knowing, tasting comprehension, and the zen of a new insight. I love trying to build a real something atop something understood, only to tear down my supposed mastery (and build it up again).

So, why technology? Because it allows me to learn and be among other learners, those for whom the nitty-gritty also burrows in and neither lets go, nor clutters. Perhaps this community could better learn when and how to share an idea, perhaps there is a lot of ego flying around, perhaps it would be great if I weren’t one of three women in this room…but it’s good to be among nerds, at least.


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