New Year New New Stuff

same ol’ rebeccatron

Hey! It’s 2018!

As I reflect on my 29 Januaries to date, I realize I have only the haziest recollection of any of them, 2018’s included. This may be as expected for the first few, but as the years advance I still note that each January gets short shrift in the real estate of my memory palace.


Well, it’s a gray and dark time. Also, ahead of every new January, there’s the real, cozy excitement of the year-end holiday season! Whether we’re talking school finals or 4th quarter wrap-ups, the days from about Halloween on are jam-packed, fun, and have the merriment of conclusion (or at least time off). January then stands up, almost always groggy and a bit rueful, remembering just how long the long haul to the next Festivus really is. Besides, isn’t November my new year? I always so keenly feel in January: Ack, it’s all over.”

Anyway. All this to say, here it is, the end of February. Is it usually President’s Day when my regular, year-round cognizance fires back up? Let’s say it is.

Well, there is news, fresh for 2018. Let us blog:

First, job! I’m properly settling in at Betterment as a mobile engineer. There are a few things to mention here. I started January 10, which was the day before my official two-year anniversary at ThoughtWorks. I just couldn’t eke out the last few weeks as a consultant; instead, I took time off and committed to technology, a product, and a problem space I could go longterm” with. It feels good.

Second, marriage! I got married back in October, but holidays together - I mean really together! - opened me up to new thinking and feeling about family. This is my first January as a Kukshtel; my first Valentine’s Day as a wife. This is growth that is not nearly done with me yet, but it’s so wonderfully dear. 2018 will be the first full year of my marriage! wat

Third, I’m working on a bit of a gambit with that dear husband of mine. Kyle is a man of mammoth projects” and has been working on creating a video game. Very much right now, I’m hopping onboard as a scrappy producer. Perhaps we can get this after school effort out there in the world. 2019? 2020? Eventually? 🤞 See you at GDC this year, at any rate.

I’m sure there are fourth, fifth and sixths to the list above. But that’ll do. The afternoon is getting on and I have some machine learning to get to studying.


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