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This year is shaping up to be an ambitious one. I’ve clocked in my first year at Betterment this past week. In addition, I began my first semester at Georgia Tech on January 7. I’m working toward an Machine Learning specialization in the OMSCS Program…starting right now! Details & courses here!

But wait, there’s more! Given all this computer-facing time, I’ve ALSO made a concerted effort to prioritize exercise and posture. After all, I turn 30 this year and this is about as good as it’s going to get in this body, right? With this enthusiastic-not-morbid-at-all attitude, I’ve become a member at Iyengar Yoga, and hope to be in about fortnightly.

None of these things are overnight news. I’ve been fussing about applying to Georgia Tech for a couple years now (and have started and stopped many an app submission!). One year at Betterment has also meant 3 different managers so far, a lovable mountain of legacy code (+ new languages to deal wih it), and several deep dives into mobile, mobile, mobile.

Likewise with yoga, I have an abiding love for precision and the grace of small changes. This is the core of riding horses (my first love 💕), especially in certain disciplines. Since I haven’t been able to ride consistenly since I was a minor, yoga is an appealing option to stay active and find that old flow state.

Okay, yes, so. The year is off to a START. The truth is that I am incredibly anxious about all of this, but actually so much happier than I was this time last year (or perhaps anytime since I switched into tech). The workload is overwhelming, I don’t know anything about C and I have to program all of my homework in C this semester, and my toes seem awfully far away from my fingertips no matter what I do. And, yet. I know what a pointer is, and it’s not hard because I’ve finally seen the reasoning of its design. Even just in week one, my operating systems course is so…empowering. I spend an hour and a half in a yoga class and have relearned how to stand…and it feels better. Betterment has ridiculously ambitious plans this year…and they’re all mobile-first…and…I’m excited for all those challenges??

I feel like some of this change in activity & associated feeling has something to do with me hitting the upswing of awesome”. Rather than an upswing of awesome vis a vis learning to code, I’m starting to hit it in terms of technical career advancement. I know stuff, and I know the stuff I don’t know but want to learn. And I’m confident in my ability to learn it. (Famous last words before I get destroyed by my homework 😬)

Anyway: I’ve been thinking a lot about this:

Operating Systems, yoga, shipping mobile apps. The kernal of joy that I’ve found at all of these seeminly unrelated things” is that the work is in finding the right perspective. The right alignment. You find the right tuning, you shift slightly, and it’s do-able. At least with a lot of practice.

I wish for 2019 that there could be more grace for not-knowing, great encouragement for learning, and only generosity for already knowing. If you don’t know, try and fail with joy and diligence. If you’re learning, have patience and keep swinging. If you do know, share and celebrate others.


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